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  • Sharely with your trusted friends and network everyday – wherever you are, whatever you need and wish to share & rent socially, simply & easily. Everything! – accommodation, travel, sporting gear, cars, causes, business, dreams, ideas, designs, careers, studies …books …help fund your friends…parties, weddings, urgent needs …the limit is your imagination!

  • Plus fund friends, causes, ideas… have your ideas funded …via prepaid Sharely accounts …as little as $2
share·ly (sh-air'lee) Adj. (adv.)
  • 1. Together, shared, fair, friendly, timely, empowering, enabling, resourcing, trusting
  • 2. Being there for each other

The 1-2-3 of caring, encouraging and giving

  • Care

    - check your newsfeed to see what's happening, what's needed by friends & causes

    - plan ahead - what could you need on your next trip.. or share this week where you are?

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